How to get there

Casa da Árvore is located within the medieval walls of the town of Marvão, in the highest part of the town, close to the Municipal Museum and the Castle.

Marvão is 230 km from Lisbon, 22 km from Portalegre, 12 km from Castelo de Vide and 14 km from the Spanish border (Valencia de Alcântara, province of Cáceres).

The quickest way to get to Marvão is to take the A6 highway, which connects Lisbon to Elvas, leaving at Estremoz and following the IP2 to Portalegre - Marvão or the A23 highway, which connects the A1 at Torres Novas to Beira Baixa via Castelo Branco and leaving at the Fratel dam following the signs to Marvão via the IP2.

As an option, there are countless national roads that take you through beautiful landscapes and towns to bring any tourist to this land where you can see the birds on your back and see the whole earth !