Casa da Árvore in Marvão is a distinguished family home where you can enjoy comfort and tranquillity.

With a truly interesting history, it was a theater at the beginning of the 20th century and rebuilt in 1951 to house a boys' school on the first floor. On the second floor lived the teacher, Liberdade Gomes Esteves, a teacher stationed here and the mother of the current owners of the house, who taught here until the construction of the new school, built in 1968, on the opposite side of the square.

The house is named after a century-old tree that used to stand in the square in front of the house's façade and which, unfortunately, dried up and was later removed.

Another curious fact about the house is that the names of the five rooms available are inspired by the leaves of the various trees scattered along the Serra de São Mamede, namely the Tilia, the Castanheiro, the Negrilho, the Choupo and the Nogueira, which can be seen from the magnificent balcony of the house, which is undoubtedly one of the best views in the town of Marvão.

It is with loyalty and total dedication that Maria do Céu and Joaquim Manuel, who have been working at Casa da Árvore since it was transformed into Rural Tourism, have taken on the challenge of continuing to welcome visitors to this magnificent space and to make this rich heritage as widely known as possible.